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Blessed Mabon or Autumn Equinox to you all. Once again day and night are of equal length as we celebrate this quarter festival. The harvest goes on, often racing against the weather. Plants begin to lay down their own seeds in the fertile soil ready for the growing season when the wheel turns once more.

This is a busy time of year as the collecting of crops is in full swing. Anything rotten or not needed is discarded to make way for the new harvest.
Our ancient ancestor’s whole community would be busy working together to ensure the best chance of surviving the coming winter.

Now’s the time to cast your eye’s back over the past year and to evaluate how you’ve done. Look closely at your life and see what needs to be shifted in advance of the winter ahead. Balance your life as best you can and lay down some reserves of energy to see you through. The time to rest is approaching but we are not quite there yet.
Slice of Time - This Bilingual Meditation helps create a deep connection into the earth, the experience of finding your roots, feeling grounded deep into the earth. Making it available as a bi-lingual practice in both Irish and English, offers a unique experience to anyone who does not speak Irish but would like to connect with Celtic spirituality.
Well of Wisdom- The world’s first Yoga Nidra practice ‘as Gaeilge’ (in Irish) invites you to explore the resonance of the ancient Irish language.  This Well of Wisdom Yoga Nidra track was inspired by, and created in the Aran Islands, off the West coast of Ireland. It invites a deep sense of connection with the earth, with nature and inner nature. 
Green Man - The Green Man can be found through classical and medieval art throughout Europe; a pagan figure of lush green symbolising growth. We often see him, or her, or them haloed by oak leaves. In this guided journey we will embody the green space and feel the power of nature as we embody this ancient figure. 
Crystal Protection -  Crystals can assist us with psychic protection as well as amplifying our energies and raising our vibration. This guided visualization can be a helpful way to tap into your crystals healing potential and work with the mineral kingdom. The meditation also has a grounding visualization to connect with Gaia or Danu as the Celts knew her and assist with grounding. 
This year astrologically the autumn Equinox fell upon the 22rd of September, bringing with it longer nights and the gradual shift towards winter. Leaves fall, berries and nuts come to fruition and across the Irish Sea in Avalon it is apple time. The name Avalon, the British otherworld is said to be geographically in Glastonbury, and comes from the word for apple, which in the Celtic tradition symbolises the wholeness and healing of the soul, the sensual delight of being alive, of the human lived experience, without shame or sorrow.

According to an old legend, blackberries should not be picked after September 29th. This is because, so folklore goes, Satan was banished from Heaven on this day, fell into a blackberry bush and cursed the brambles as he fell into them. Michaelmas, the Feast of St Michael the Archangel (also the Feast of SS Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael or the Feast of Michael and All Angels) is a day in the Christian calendar which occurs on 29 September. Because it falls near the equinox, it is associated with the beginning of autumn and the shortening of days.

Reflection Seeds

✤ September 21st to 23rd (give or take a day)
✤ Discard what is rotten and not needed
✤ Work with your community
✤ Evaluate your past year
✤ See what needs to be cleared away
✤ Take stock and balance your life
Mabon Meditation:

Named after the Celtic God; Mabon, Son of the Earth Goddess. Night and day are again of equal length and in perfect equilibrium. We can use this special time of crossing over the seasons to reflect on what we have learnt as we let go of our troubles like the trees releasing their golden leaves. Welcome to the Autumn Equinox or Mabon.
Celtic Inspiration:

This is the best time of year to plant spring-flowering bulbs. Nuts too can be gathered, dried and used as talismans for health, wisdom and empowerment, as well as planted fresh for spell work, their growth in the spring carrying your intentions into life. Try using verbal or written spells as you plant, asking for anything you want to come to you in the Spring. Whether it is fertility, love, money, luck or healing that you yearn for, your desire shall become manifest as the first green shoots break the surface of the soil. (Danu Forest)
Recommended App:

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Recommended Book:

Celtic Spirituality: An Introduction to the Sacred Wisdom of the Celts by Philip Freeman.
Translated from their original languages: Gaulish, Latin, Irish, and Welsh—the passages and stories in Celtic Spirituality are true artifacts of the Celts' vibrant and varied religion from both the pre-Christian and early Christian period. From a ritual of magical inspiration to stories of the ancient gods and adventures of long-forgotten heroes, Freeman has unearthed a stunning collection of Celtic work. 
Recommended Movie: 

Blackfish - BAFTA NOMINEE 2014. A mesmerising psychological thriller with a killer whale at its centre, Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity. Along the way, director-producer Gabriela Cowperthwaite compiles shocking footage and emotional interviews to explore the creature’s extraordinary nature, the species’ cruel treatment in captivity, the lives and losses of the trainers and the pressures brought to bear by the multi-billion dollar sea-park industry.

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Beannacht :

Mabon is the moment of reaping what you have sown, a time to look at the hopes and aspirations of Imbolc and Ostara and reflect on how they have manifested. It is time to complete projects, and to let go that which is no longer wanted or needed so that the winter can offer a time for reflection and peace. 

Slán agus Beannacht!
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