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Welcome to Lúnasa which translates as the ‘Assembly of Lugh’ and is a Celtic festival which signifies the beginning of the harvest season. Can you begin to see the results of your planting and cultivating, and can you too bring a harvest in from your work? For this update we have included a new Into the Mystic, Sacred Grove and Celtic Sun God Lugh Meditation for your enjoyment.
Lugh – It is now high summer and Lúnasa/Lughnasadh/Lammas is the celebration of the first Grain Harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance. In this meditation our God is Lugh the Celtic God of Light, for whom this festival is named. Lugh and the fae are having a harvest feast with music, dancing and merryment on the green hills and you are cordially invited! 
Into the Mystic- Deep within each of us is a magical ability and spiritual wisdom that our Celtic ancestors recognised and connected with as part of daily life. Now is the time to unlock these ancient ways.. You will be taken on a journey to connect with your ‘inner mystic’, to re-awaken the magic that exists naturally within you, reigniting your powerful and instinctive manifestation abilities.
Sacred Grove - The Celts used sacred groves called nemetons in Gaulish for performing rituals based on Celtic mythology. The deity involved was usually Nemetona, a Celtic goddess and Druids oversaw such rituals and protected these sites. In this meditation you will visit a sacred grove and connect with a Celtic deity of your choice who will help you re-discover that which lies dormant within you.
Lúnasa Blessings: In the old days Lúnasa or Lúghnasadh was the Feast of the god Lúgh, a thirty-day agrarian celebration with 1 August at the center. It is also the first day of Autumn in the Celtic Calendar. 
Many of Ireland’s prominent mountains and hills were climbed at Lughnasadh into the modern era. Over time, this custom was Christianised and some of the treks were re-cast as Christian pilgrimages. The most well-known is Reek Sunday—the yearly pilgrimage to the top of Croagh Patrick in Co Mayo in late July. As with the other Gaelic seasonal festivals, feasting was part of the celebrations. Bilberries were gathered on the hills and mountains and were eaten on the spot or saved to make pies and wine.
Another custom that Lughnasadh shared with Imbolc and Bealtaine was visiting holy wells. Visitors to holy wells would pray for health while walking sunwise/sunward around the well. They would then leave offerings; typically coins or clooties. Although bonfires were lit at some of the open-air gatherings in Ireland, they were rare and incidental to the celebrations.


Reflection Seeds

✤ Sunset 31st July to sunset 2nd August
✤ Cross quarter day
✤ The time of the first harvest
✤ Plan to reap what you have sown
✤ Offer some of your abundance back to the land
✤ Give thanks for the people around you
✤ Share your first fruits
✤ Be ready for the time of harvest

Lúnasa Meditation:
Today marks the next festival on the "Wheel of the Year". It is now high summer and Lúnasa is the celebration of this first Grain Harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance. Our Goddess here is Áinewho presides over the moon, crops, farms and cattle. Aine is revered among Irish herbalists and healers and is said to be responsible for the body's life force. 
Celtic Inspiration:
This is the first of the Harvest festivals and decorations of gold, orange and red are suitable, together with green. You might like to include natural objects: corn and wheat, ripe crops of beans or salads, pretty stones and seashells from days at the beach all make evocative decorations. Bowls of fruit or a cornucopia are both lovely touches, as is a simple wooden bowl of berries and wildflowers, to honour the earth goddess. (Danu Forest)
A Message from Lugh:

There are no easy choices, but we have never had more choice. All 'Greener' products and service use should facilitate conscious effort to change, limit consumption patterns and put the natural environment and society above individual gratification. It's not about feeling bad about living, for you will find much enjoyment in living a more examined simpler, slower life.
Team Profile: Flavia Kate Peters     
Flavia is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and works with a person’s guardian angels to bring about physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Her work includes Angel Therapies, Angel Readings & Guidance, Reiki (Teacher & Master), Unicorn and Mermaid Healing & Attunements, and Crystal Therapy. Her popular Certificated Angel Energy Practitioner course is held twice a year at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies, London and in Derbyshire.

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Recommended Book:
"Fire in the Head" by Tom Cowan:
In 'The Song of Wandering Aengus' William Butler Yeats refers to the ‘fire in the head’ that characterises the visionary experience. Tom Cowan has pursued this theme in a lyrical cross-cultural exploration of shamanism and the Celtic imagination that examines the myths and tales of the ancient Celtic poets and storytellers, and outlines techniques used to access the shaman's world. Tom Cowan is the author of ‘How to Tap Into Your Own Genius’, and coauthor of ‘Power of the Witch’ and ‘Love Magic’.
Recommended Watch: 
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Celtic Living for the 21st Century: 
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Beannacht :

The main harvest time is still to come, but perhaps you can see the signs of abundance and are feeling proud of your work done so far.this year

Whatever the season of Lúnasa holds; be Calm and Mindful of your duty as a Celt to protect your family and your tribe, to honour the Elders and our home the Earth.

Slán agus Beannacht!
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