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Welcome to Celtic Whispers, a Fantasy themed Meditation and Mythology app set in the Celtic Spiritual Tradition, and a guide for those looking for a more meaningful way to live in harmony with your community and the environment. Brimming with the legends and lore of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England; Celtic Whispers is a brilliant introduction to Meditation and the sacred wisdom of the Celtic Path.

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 The people called "The Celts" formed a society that existed at one time in Europe. The Celts were a warrior culture yet they were also great storytellers, extremely artistic and a spiritually sensitive people who did not overthrow the beliefs and rituals of indigenous people, rather they honoured them, gradually absorbing them into their own culture.

wheel of the year

Spirituality was always an important part of the Celtic way of life. The changing seasons announced the steps of the yearly dance, where each year was marked by four agricultural cycles and four Stellar cycles, each representing a time of hope and joy. These cycles were welcomed with fire festivals, feast-days and merrymaking to acknowledge and give thanks.

By working more in harmony with nature’s way we can help our bodies synchronise physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with the divine, cosmic order.

We invite you to enjoy our Wheel of the Year Meditation.


Join priestess Nimwé and enjoy this unique seasonal offering combining the Beltane Faery Oracle deck and Beltane Tarot Spread that will truly enlighten and inspire.

  • Flame: What will you burn away in the Beltane Flame?
  • Soil: What are you ready to plant and nurture?
  • Seed: What will inspire you as the light takes hold?
  • Sprout: What will you manifest this season?
  • Flower: What will be the outcome?

We hope you enjoy this unique and magical experience as we enter the bright half of the year, known as Samos to the Celts.

With Love and Light,





  • An introduction to Mindfulness and the Celtic Spiritual Tradition with relaxing Mindfulness sessions sprinkled with Ancient Irish Blessings, Celtic Triads and Gaelic Proverbs.
  • For the Celts, there was no separation between the world of humanity and the Otherworld, that of the spirits and creatures, or between nature and the subtle process of creation.


  • Our collection of Mystical Celtic Meditations will take you into the Celtic Dreamtime, a world-between-the-worlds where you can explore the inner landscape of Celtic and pre-Celtic wisdom.
  • From Newgrange to Sceilig Michael you will meet the Shining Ones who live there, and from whom you may receive guidance and support for the journey of your soul.


  • Discover the Magical world of the Celtic Angels, Angels that once worked with the great Celtic Saints and Druids. By using Celtic meditation you will find your Anamcara and uncover a new beautiful and rewarding life.
  • For the Celts, Spirituality was fluid, alive, and ever present. Today anyone, anywhere can stand in nature and feel the power of the land; understand the magic of a sacred well or spring and be certain of the presence of Spirit.


  • Created by top Druids our Binaural Beats help you access deeper states of meditation, relaxation, focus, learning and healing, which in turn promote increased health, happiness and prosperity.
  • Scientifically proven and used for Meditation, Sleep, Creativity, Focus and Motivation, Binaural beats provide you with the same benefits as hours of deep meditation, without having to practice meditation like a zen monk.
Fairy tree


  • Our Guided visualisation meditations are a great starting point for your journey into the world of Celtic Meditation, as your mind can focus on the story, without worrying about your technique.
  • Inside you’ll visit Enchanted Forests, meet your Animal Guides, bath in Aura cleansing waterfalls, and listen to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, all under the watchful eye of the most famous druid of them all.

sleeping Draughts

  • Sleeping Draughts are magical potions that cause the drinker to fall almost instantaneously into a deep but temporary sleep and enjoy a state of true bliss.
  • Our collection of Sleeping Draughts will help you melt into whatever kind of rest you desire, be they Power Naps, Lucid Dreams, Evening wind-downs or Delta Sleep.
Safe Harbour
Celtic Lullaby


  • Explore and balance the different aspects of the divine feminine through the mythology of the Ancient Celtic Goddesses Áine, Brigid, Rhiannon, Danu, Cerridwen, and the warrior queen Maeve, for each Goddess has something valuable to teach us.
  • Journey with us into Archetype meditation as we explore pantheons from every corner of the earth. Embrace the gifts and powers of each Goddess, and how through Celtic meditation each Goddess can inspire and guide attributes within us.


  • In Irish mythology Brigid was the Celtic goddess of fire, poetry, unity, childbirth and healing. She was the daughter of Dagda a High King of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Take a Celtic Immram and see what gifts she will have for you today.
  • Sacred wells were always places of pilgrimage to the Celts. They would dip a clootie (piece of rag) in the well and wash their wound with it. Then they would tie the clootie to a tree, generally a Whitethorn or Ash tree, as an offering to the spirit of the well.
Crystal activation


  • An introduction into the magical world of crystals and their role to heal, support and strengthen our connection to Mother Earth and our higher selves. In these Celtic meditations we will be working with readily available crystals that are easy to obtain. 
  • We will be working with your chakras to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. Some of these meditations will suit beginners and advanced meditators alike and we have provided some suggestions to receive the most benefit out of your Celtic meditation practice.


  • An interactive Map of the mystical sites of Ireland, with narrated Myths and Legends. From Druids and Priestesses, Legendary Heroes and Warriors, mythological Gods and Goddesses, we find the essence of our spiritual identity through the sharing of Ireland’s Ancient Stories.
  • We’re also including a series of Fighting Fantasy Quests. Be the first to find the sacred gifts of the Tuatha DéDanann, the Original Gods of Ireland. Seek out the Stone of Righteousness, the Sword of Justice, the Cauldron of Hospitality and the Spear of Victory.
Fairy Folk Trans
Salmon of Knowledge trans
RADIO celt songstress
Celtic moon


  • A collection of popular Celtic radio stations like Celtic Moon, Celtic Roots and Live Ireland Radio to name but a few. But there are many more beautiful artists waiting to be discovered.
  • Celtic Music has a deeply calming effect and can be seen from world famous artists like Clannad and Enya. With our collection of popular internet based Celtic Radio stations you’ll enjoy a sense of Celtic Calm throughout your day.





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